Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sea Serpent Races Car !

The Portville Review

Thursday, September 2, 1926

Page 3

Canadian Lake Monster,

15 Feet Long, Races Auto

Vernon, B. C—A strange monster

which Inhabits Okanagan lake raced

a motor car being driven along the

shore road for several hundred yards,

says J. L. Logle, manager of a local

land company.

Mr. Logle describes the monster at

having a head like a sheep, a darkcolored

body showing about five feet

above the water, and as about fifteen

feet long. Three other persons In the

car with Mr. Logle say the monster

raised a swell about a foot high and

made the spray fly ahead of it as it

cut through the water at approximately

the same speed as the automobile.

Defunct Newspaper

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