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The Science of Prophecy?

Buffalo Courier


Sunday Morning,

July 30, 1911

Part Six, page 53

Dr. Max Kemmerich, Famous
Munich Scholar and
Scientist, Writes Remarkable
Book Showing
Prophecy Is Scientific Fact

Michael Nostradamus, Who
 Lived in Sixteenth Century,
Predicted Occurrences
to Persons Then
Unborn and Gave Names.

Berlin. July ».—Dr. Max Kemmerich,
a famous Munich scholar and scientist,
has written a remarkable book entitled
"Prophecies," in which he proves
that the faculty of foreseeing and
: foretelling history is an indubitable
scientific fact, subject to convincing
logical demonstration.
Kemmerich Is not a spiritualist or
a mystic. He Is a sceptical, hardheaded
savant, and his last preceding
book "Curiosities of, Culture" even betrays
a certain Irreverence. Moreover,
even about prophecy he is not credulous.
He admits many traditional
prophecies were frauds, because they
were really made after and not before
the event. But he reminds us
that thinkers as different as Plato,
Cicero. St. Augustine; and in modern
times, Kant and Schopenhauer, 
all believed in prophecy.

Bible Prophecies.

Kemmerich accepts, quite independently
of religious dogmatism, the
Bible prophecies as historical facts.
The prophecy that the Jews would
survive in history is one of the most
remarkable, in view of the fact that
much greater races than the Jews,
like the Babylonians, perished utterly.
The first of the prophets, Amos, who
lived 800 B. C. was convinced of the
persistence of the Hebrew race; and
now nearly three thousand years later
he Is still right. Micah prophesied the
destruction of Jerusalem a hundred
years beforehand; and he also foresaw
that Babylonia would be the Jews'
land of exile. Jeremiah so confidently
foresaw that Jerusalem would be rebuilt
that he bought a plot of land
during what seemed the hopeless
time of the siege by Nebuchadnezzar.
The return from exile, the destruction
of Babylon, and many other historic
events were foretold by Old Testament

Dr. Kemmerich finds it significant
that the Delphic oracles kept their
reputation for a thousand years; and
that the Egyptian Caesar was foreseen
by men who had no concern with the
plot. The middle ages are full of authenticated
prophecies often coming in
the shape of visions. The Emperor
Friedrich III. dreamed that he was
being crowned by the simple, obscure
Bishop Parentucelli. The dream surprised
him. But later Parentucelli
became Pope Nicholas V.: and it was
from his hands that Friedrich received
the Imperial crown.

Historic Murder Foretold.
Dr. Kemmerich holds that only certain
rare individuals can prophesy.
The gift is not necessarily bound up
with great brains. Many prophets
have been simple men.
The murder of Henry IV. of France
by Ravaillac was predicted in the
most categorical way, Joachim Greulich
described in advance the siege of
Vienna by the Turks under Kara Mustapha,
and likewise the expulsion of
the French Bourbons. 
Michael Nostradamus, who flourished
in the first half of the sixteenth
century, predicted occurrences to persons
then unborn and gave their
names, and his predictions were fulfilled.
He predicted the abdication of
the Emperor Charles V., the death of
Henri II., the murder of Henri III. He
predicted that Louis XIII would have
a Montmorency executed "in an unusual
place" by an executioner named

Work of Nostradamus

In 1832, exactly eighty years after
the prophecy was printed, a Montmorency
was executed on King Louis
XIIl's orders by a soldier named
Clerepeyne in an "unusual place" (the
closed court of Toulouse city hall.)
Neither Montmorency nor Clerepeyne
were born at the time of the prediction.
Nostradamus further predicted
the French revolutionary attack on
the Tuilleries. He predicted the defeat
of Napoleon III, at Sedan. These
latter prophecies were made more
than two or three hundred years before
they were fulfilled.

Dr. Kemmerich goes into two questions:
First, could these events be
reasoned out by a clever student of
his time and, secondly, could Nostradamus
have hit on them by chance?
He shows that it was absolutely impossible
to reason out isolated events
like the execution of Montmorency.
On the question of chance, he has had
the collaboration of the mathematician.
Prof. Lindemann. Lindemann.
taking all factors into account, holds
that it is 5.000,000,000,000,000 to 1
against Nostradamus guessing the
names Montmorency and Clerepeyne,
and that it is 6,ooo,ooo,ooo,oo0,
to 1 against Nostradamus hitting on
the three names which are rightly
given in connection with the French
Prophecy, concludes Kemmerich, is
an unquestioned fact, in accord fully
with nature.

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