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Barrel Head Serpent!


Thursday, May 16, 1889

Page 2


His Snakeship Seen by the First Officer

of a British Steamer

Philadelphia, May 15, -- Capt. Smith, first 

officer of the steamer British Princess, which

arrived Monday from Liverpool, reports

 that on May 4, Lat. 44, Long. 42.40, he saw an

enormous sea serpent.  It was at daybreak,

and smith and the fourth mate were on the

bridge at the time.  Smith chanced to look

astern  and saw something in the water, 100

yards away.  To the naked eye it appeared as a 

large obstacle sticking out of the

water perpendicular position  like a long

spar or buoy.  Smith seized the glasses to make

it out more plainly and saw it was alive.

Above the water rose the head and neck of a 

tremendous monster.   The head resembled in

size and shape "the top of a beef barrel," as

Smith put it.  The body, though completely

submerged, could be made out plainly by the 

disturbance of the water.   Around it and 300

feet away from where the head and neck

stood out of the water the monster's tail was

beating and lashing the sea into foam.   Smith

turned to send for Capt. Frerth, the Princess's 

commander, but before he could give the order

the serpent had disappeared.   Smith has 

hitherto been a disbeliever in sea serpent


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