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Bird Monster !

The Antioch News

Antioch, Illinois

Thursday, July 22, 1948

Page Nine

Three Illinois Men

See 'Monster Bird'

"Bigger Than An Airplane"

Witnesses Claim.


ST. LOUIS.—A retired air force

colonel and a 12-year-old boy backed

up the report by two Belvidere, Ill.

residents of spotting a'"monster


It was either the same mysterious

bird of gigantic size they saw or one

just like it they said.

Col. W. F . Slegmund, former com-

mandant of the Army air base at

Kearns, Utah, said he saw the creature'

while horseback riding four

miles north of Alton, Ill.

James Trares,'12, said he saw the

bird flying over his home in suburban

Glendale, Mo. Both Siegmumd

and the boy said they were apprehensive

of telling anyone about It

until they read a United Press dispatch

from Belvidere about the incident.

The Belvidere report quoted Robert

Price and Veryl Babb as saying

the bird was "bigger than an airplane"

and flapped Its wings.

Slegmund said he didn't see any

flapping of wings but he was sure It

was a huge fowl and not a type Of


He described the creature as about

the size of a small pursuit plane

and said it was flying northeast at

an altitude of between 4,000 and

5,000 feet. 

The Trares boy said he spotted the

bird in the air one evening at sunset

and ran yelling Into his house to

tell his mother. He said it was graygreen

in color and about the size of

an airplane.

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