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The Worlds Strongest Man!


Thursday, February 19, 1891

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Louis Cyr Tells of His Weight-Lifting Feats

and How He Lives.

Montreal Witness.

Louis Cyr, who has beaten the world at

heavyweight lifting, is to receive a magnificent

championship belt, presented by appreciative

citizens of Montreal.  Cyr is a French

Canadian. He was born in St. John's, Que.,

27 years ago. He is a large man, lacking but

an inch and a half of six feet, and weighing 

318 pounds. "my first lift," he told a reporter,

"was in this way; There was a load of bricks

- over a ton -, I guess -- stuck in a hole in the

road and the horse wouldn't pull it out. I

was only 17, but was a big fellow, weighed

 240 pounds, and I got underneath the cart

and lifted it off the ground and got it out.

then I tried to see what I could do, and have

never had any difficulty in lifting 2,500 pounds

since then, My mother was very strong. She 

could always carry a barrel of flour upstairs

to the second flat. she weighed 265 pounds.

My father weighed 220, but could not lift

more than other men. None of my brothers is 

stronger than other men. My temperance

principles? I abstained tow years ago from

liquor and tobacco; before that, used to 

take them regularly. I am three times better off 

since then. I gained in strength enough to

lift 700 pounds more in these two years.  Liquor

is a bad habit, anyway. Tobacco, to much of

it is bad. I am three times better off since I

gave them both up.

"I eat five or six pounds of meat a day; eat

as much as three wood choppers It would make

you hungry, perhaps, to see me at dinner. They

charge me double board; never mind I pay

it.  I am always gaining in strength

—I guess I was born that way—

and I guess I will lift 4.500 before I get

through. The record for lifting?  Well, you

know, I lift everything without a harness;

that is, just with my hands, and not with a

strap slung over my back. The record for

lifting with harness is 3,239 pounds, made by

W. B. Curtis, of New York, in 1862. You see

I got ahead of that even without harness. I

have lifted 535 pounds with my fore-finger,

and have put a barrel of cement weighing

over 300 pounds, on my shoulder with one


The champion wears his hair long. It is

yellow and curly. Asked whether he believed

as much in the value of hair as the ancient

Samson, he replied; "No, but it is attractive

when exhibiting." When met on show Mr.

Cyr makes a neat Psyche knot of the hair,

using hairpins liberally, and with his hat over

it he looks exactly like the ordinary, innocent

fat man.


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