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The Sea Serpent In Many WNY Waterways.



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Monster Has Migrated to

Niagara River.


The Appearance of the Fear - In -

spiring Creature Has Caused a

Sensation at Black Rock.

With fearful plunges, rapid strides and

terrific switching of its tail, a monstrous

and hideous water serpent is terrorizing

the boys, who have heretofore inhabited

the waters of Niagara River without

fear or trembling.

The serpent is thought to be the same

monster that about a year ago, off Crystal

Beach, made the hair of spectators stand on end. 

At that time it was seen

by a number of Buffalo's most reputable

citizens, who, when their stories concerning

it were doubted, made affidavit

that they had seen and witnessed the

antics of the serpent.


Later in the season the monster appeared

off Woodlawn Beach.  Again

reputable citizens related startling stories

concerning its size, shape and behavior,

until the entire city of Buffalo was

agog over the phenomenal object.

Soon In Niagara River.

A few nights ago, when the moon 

threw a silver tint aslant the rapid

Niagara, two Fort Erie lads, who were

fishing along the Canadian bank, heard

a sound of splashing water in the river

before them, They looked up, and their

hearts sank into dalkest corners. Their

first inclination was to scale the bank,

and scurry to their homes. But they

couldn't move. They stood transfixed

with a strange admiration, which was

mingling with terrible dread and fear.

Neither spoke for several minutes, the

while the monstrous serpent lashed the

water with its tail. At frequent interv-

-als the huge fish, or whatever it was,

darted from between its terrible jaws a

long, narrow tongue, which appeared to

have a prong at either side. The action

of the tongue is described as being similar

to that of a land reptile. The monster's

snake-like appearance produced

a chilly sensation on the boys. Their

teeth chattered. They were miserable,

and yet neither cared to stir.

Several Witnesses

The boys, whose names are George

and Eddie Thomas, have been telling tne

story of their remarkable experience on

both the Canadian and American sides.

Several boat captains, too, claim to have

seen the serpent.  Little else is talked

about during dull hours on the dock at

the foot of Ferry Street. Stories are

related concerning the serpent's appearance

and doings in the Black Rock district.

A Courier-Record reporter in a visit

to the Ferry Street dock last evening

had no difficulty in learning the story

of the monster as given by the Thomas

boys. Even the old-time fisherman who

seldom allows himself to be disturbed,

was rot unwilling to discuss the tale of

the serpent.

Statement ot The Thomas Boys.

The Thomas boys describe the monster

as being about fifteen feet long, narrow

of body, with a comb-like ridge running

along its back, and having huge

eyes, which presented different colors as

the moon's rays reflected in varying positions.

The boys say that the serpent curled

and twisted about in the water continuously.

It snorted, they say, and occasionally

emitted a deep, guttural sound.

It raised and lowered its head, and

threw it from side to side in a threatening manner, 

in apparent defiance of pursuit or capture.

As the serpent prolonged its antics,

the courage of the boys practically came

to their rescue, and they finally conversed

in whimpers and decided to pursue

the monster. As if it read their

plans, the serpent lashed the water a

few times more with its tail, and set itself

in rapid motion down tbe stream.

Tbe boys secured a boat and went in

pursuit. As they rowed with the current,

they say they heard the splashing's

of the serpent as it  kept well out of their

way. The noise of the retreating serpent

finally died away altogether, and

the boys gave up the chase.

At Ferry Street.

At the Ferry Street dock last night

many of the old boatmen were of the

opinion that the monster may have been

caught in the rapids and carried over the

falls to its destruction. If still alive,

however, they expect it to appear again

in the river at an early date. They keep

nightly vigils for a glimpse of the monster.

If it is seen again, expert boatmen

purpose give it a lively chase in the

hope of effecting its capture.


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