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Trick or Treat , A Ghost Story!

 Lockport Daily Journal

Lockport , N.Y.

Monday Evening, July 9, 1883



The Horrible Apparition that is terrifying

the People of Long Island.

(From the N.Y. Mail and Express)

The alleged ghost of a headless man,

which nightly wanders along the shore of

Long island Sound, at Bayville, is the

sensation which now agitates the people of

that usually sleepy little village, and

strikes terror to the hearts of the superstitious

portion of its population. According

to the story told- in Bayville, the visits of

the ghost have been continued at irregular

intervals for nearly a quarter of a century.

The strange and ghastly apparition has

been known to visit the shores for weeks

and then to disappear and not be seen

again for years. "It is nearly four years

since the headless peddler was last seen on

our shore," said Mr. John P. Ellison, who

lives near the tramping ground of his

ghostship, to a reporter for the Mail and

Express, "until last Sunday night, when,

as I was driving along the road

on my way home from church, my

horse suddenly shied and backed off

to the side of the road. It

did not take long to find out the cause of

my horse's fright, for upon looking along

the road ahead of me I saw, about one

hundred yards from where I stood, the

white and headless figure of a man approaching

at a rapid gait. I knew the

figure as I had seen it many times before.

On it came, until reaching a spot in the

road a few feet ahead of us, it suddenly

threw up its hands and vanished.'

The visits of the headless peddler have

been of nightly occurrence since, and the

ghost has been seen by hundreds of persons,

who are now satisfied that the headless

peddler is a thing of reality. The

scene of the supposed ghost's uightly

wanderings is a lonely part of the shore

road, halfway between the village of Bayville

and Center Island. On one side of

the road is a heavy growth of cedars, and

on the other is the rocky shore of Long

Island sound. The nearest residence Is

that of John P. Ellison, nearly a mile distant.

On the morning of June 12, 1861, the

dead and mutilated body of Seif Heillman

a peddler, was found among

the rocks on this shore. The man's skull

had been crushed into a shapeless mass,

and after having been murdered and robbed,

his body had been dragged from the

side of the road and hidden among the

rocks, where it was subsequently found,

partly covered with sand and seaweed.

The contents of the murdered peddler's

pack was strewn along the shore. Heillman

had visited Centre Island on the day

previous, where he collected considerable

money, and while on his way to Bayville,

had been waylaid and brutally murdered.

The mystery surrounding the murder has

never been cleared away. Two men who

were arrested at the time were discharged,

there being no evidence to warrant their

detention. On the morning after the

murder, the footprints of two men were

discovered in the sand on the shore to the

water's edge, which led to the belief that

the murderers had escaped In a boat. The

strange figure which wanders along the

shore is believed by many to be the ghost

of the murdered peddler.

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