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Telegraphic Telepathy?


Wednesday, January 14, 1891


The Swift and Wonderful Secret Mail

of India.

What is known as the "secret mall" of India

has for more than a generation perplexed the

English mind, and Is still a profound mystery,

although numberless attempts have been made

to explain It. Every one who has lived long In

Asiatic countries Is aware that the accurate

knowledge of Important happenings at a distance

is often possessed by the natives a considerable

time before it is obtained by the government.

and even though special facilities had been

provided for the transmission of the news. This

was frequently and conspicuously illustrated

throughout the Sepoy rebellion. Happenings

occurring hundreds of miles away were usually

known in the bazars hours and sometimes

days before the news reached the authorities,

and the information obtained was regarded aa

so trustworthy that the natives speculated

upon It even to the full extent of their fortunes.

Indeed, upon one occasion the "secret

mail" beat the government courier by fully

twelve hours, although every endeavor bad

been made to secure the swiftest dispatch.

The Hindoos themselves say, when they consent

to talk about it at all, that they depend

neither upon horses nor men, and have no secret

code of signals, but that they do possess a system

of thought transmission which Is aa familiar

to them aa is the electric telegraph to

the Western world. Any one may accept this

explanation that will. But though most people,

with less fondness for the mysterious and a

better knowledge of the weaknesses of the Hindoos

for making riddles of the simplest facts,

will look for a more prosaic explanation, it

remains to be said that none has been forthcoming.

The "secret mail" Is an indubitable

reality, and no Westerner has ever succeeded

In solving its mystery. It news is transmitted

by signals, no one has ever seen the signalers;

nor if there Is a vast system of stages in operation,

covering hundreds and thousands of

miles, has any one ever come across any of Its

machinery. And indeed it would seem that

some means of communication must be at the

command of the natives more rapid than

horses or runners.—Providence Journal

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