Sunday, February 28, 2021

Mystery Icelandic Ring!


Rings are an ancient and popular construction of past societies. The most well known being Stonehenge in England.  Using "Google Earth," and searching the globe I have found a strange ring in Iceland.  It is located in Northwest Iceland, along the northern shore, with a nearby river emptying into the Atlantic.  There are indications of older ruins nearby, along the river.  But, there are also modern buildings, a short distance from, and along the river.


Icelandic Ring to the left of river.

Is it possible ancient settlers, like the Vikings have left there own Stonehenge?  Perhaps, it the ruins from some old military installation, but of what type? 


Iceland's Stonehenge?

The ring is about 520' in circumference, with a radius of about 83'.  It has an outer and inner circle, with a entrance way on the west side.  You can see it's not far from the ocean shore, who would build here? It is a mystery waiting to be solved!


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